Carved Wedding Rings

Carved wedding bands can convert a straightforward and traditional band into a work of art, quite literally. Many experts have popping up almost as long as the wedding ring itself. The Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras favored such a rings, as did a little later in the 1950’s and 60’s. Further back in time, the Celts carved their diamond engagement rings, as did the Romans. Luckily for all of us, latest technologies, including computer aided equipment ensures that nowadays, the carving can be very fine and intricate. – Wedding Bands

What are the differences between Carved and Engraved Engagement rings? Engraved wedding rings generally have shallower embellishments which can be more for texture or decoration. Carved rings tend to have much deeper patterns, and these can often involve the particular shape of the band. Actually, the carvings are so deep that they can be regarded as to be dimensional, not only surface decoration.

Popular Carved Wedding band Designs. These are extremely popular designs for carving. Others include Art Nouveau and Victorian inspired designs featuring leaves, scrolls, flowers and also other natural objects including wheat. Geometric designs can be used to great effect to either replicate the much admired Art Deco style, or contemporary designs.

Carved wedding rings can look absolutely sensational when incorporating various colored metals like two tone. Other ideas are going to have the deeper parts of the ring tinted or inlaid with colored metals.

Additionally, it may incorporate precious gems and diamonds for only more visual impact.

Points To Consider When Selecting A Carved Wedding band. It may well wear over the years. The deeper the engraving initially, the longer it will take the wear to demonstrate. Some carving ought to be reworked after many years of wear. Wedding rings which have carvings involving the entire band may wear more noticeably than the usual carved wedding ring that only features work on the leading.

Some metals may be more long wearing as opposed to runners, while other metals are so hard, such as tungsten and titanium, they make carving almost impossible. Check with your jeweler to what is going to be the best metal to your wedding ring requirements.


Carved wedding rings can be an excellent selection for those seeking an original or highly embellished arena. Lovers of jewelry styles including pagan to Celtic to Victorian to contemporary will all be able to find a carved wedding band to suit their taste. – Wedding Bands